​Linda McKnight Photography


“Life is fascinating when we are aware of our surroundings, and the changes that occur every moment, but it is so easy to become lost in one’s own inner life, that often the beauty of a moment is completely missed. Every second of every day something of great beauty and mystery appears and then disappears. The images of clouds capture that ethereal time. Sky Before Hurricane Sandy shows the wavelike horizontal clouds two days before the hurricane. There is one tiny puff of cloud that appeared and just as quickly disappeared.
“Being outside in nature is where I feel most alive — especially during the transition from winter into spring. There is a tremendous shift in energy from the non-movement of the cold months to the incredible burst of growth that happens in the spring. In between the two seasons is the transition time of faint color on the trees—pink, green, orange, red mixed in with still sleeping grays— as beautiful as Autumn, but much more subtle. Nature emerges gradually, unless the days become warm too soon, and then all the trees, and flowers burst into creation—lasting for a short while and then changing over to a curtain of green. Some of these images are from city landscapes, where people hurry past on their way to work, their minds busy, but looking inward—missing most of what is around them. Red Tree Against the Bridge is a good example of an exquisite beauty that is seen by hundreds of people every day and rarely noticed.”

Linda has been a designer, art director and photographer for more than two decades. Primarily designing photography or illustrated books, she has become intimately familiar with the work of many photographers, whose work has influenced her photography in both conscious and unconscious ways. After winning numerous national awards as a book designer, she is now shifting her attention to photography.